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Laboratory Services
Our Laboratory Services division has a wide array of technical support functions and the latest equipment to benefit your organization.

We provide analytical sampling, testing and other related professional services to the gas, oil, coal and mining industries, in addition to municipal water and wastewater facilities, private industry and residents.

Using the latest techniques and technology, our lab employs approved methods to ensure that procedures are performed in accordance with EPA guidelines and applicable regulatory requirements.

In conjunction with our Engineering Division, we have experience in permitting requirements for various industries, including coal and natural gas permitting in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Wyoming.


Laboratory Services:


  • Provides natural gas industry with BTU content and thermal analysis
  • Provides oil, gas and coal industries with accurate metals analysis
  • DEQ compliant
  • Currently working toward NELAC compliance
  • Certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia for drinking water analysis (Lab # 00104)
  • Maintains highest standards of quality assurance and quality control (API, APHA, ASTM, NACE, EPA)

Environmental Field Services

  • Miss Utility line location and identification
  • Integrity surveys
  • Processed fluid disposition
  • Dust abatement

Technical Support Services

  • Archeological Studies
  • Road Site Reservoir Engineering
  • Land use and environmental permitting
  • Preparation of NPDES permits
  • Environmental/vegetation field and soil studies/surveys
  • Regulatory compliances
  • Wetland investigations and delineations
  • Engineering for reservoirs
  • Environmental impact and related site assessments
  • HAZMAT site remediation
  • Water well/ground water baseline surveys
  • Concrete testing
  • Environmental monitoring, sampling and testing
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